Translating legal texts is a difficult, but fascinating exercise. The legal translator has to overcome the same problems confronting any translator. But in addition, legal texts are often complicated and difficult to understand for the layman, which the legal translator often is. Then there are the fundamental differences between Anglo-American law and that of the European Continent. different laws , languages and cultures. 

Legal translators have to work accurately and errors may have dire consequences. The translator also needs to be creative, as many Arabic legal terms cannot be found in a dictionary. Naturally, this course cannot teach students to become fully-fledged legal translators. Rather, aim its to gain insight into what happens when one tries to translate texts that are very much culture specific. The teaching consists of lectures and tutorials. In the lectures, we draw a comparison between the legal systems of the Jordan and England and  the United States, insofar as this comparison is relevant for legal translators. Furthermore, participants are introduced to the theoretical problems involved in legal translation. In the tutorials, we will explore and work with translation tools and translate a variety of legal texts such as contracts, correspondence, deeds, insurance policies, summons and court decisions.