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    Course Image <span lang="an" class="multilang">20191-Software Packages-Sec1</span><span lang="ar" class="multilang">20191-برمجيات جاهزة-ش1</span>

    This course introduces the tools and techniques for building Multimedia applications. Students will be taught how use Flash in developing interactive application in the aspect of animation cop concepts and how to use Cinema 4D tools to develop three dimension movie.

    Course Image <span lang="an" class="multilang">20191-Int. to Information Technology-Sec1</span><span lang="ar" class="multilang">20191-مقدمة في تكنولوجيا المعلومات-ش1</span>

    Brief course description: This course aims to give an introduction of Information technology and its
    applications, the internet, world wide web and different internet threats. Moreover, software types and
    their uses, computer hardware including input and output devices and communications, networks and
    cyber threats are also introduced. Finally, an introduction to problem solving using pseudo code and
    flowcharts are presented in this course.

    Course Image <span lang="an" class="multilang">20191-Web Design-Sec1</span><span lang="ar" class="multilang">20191-تصميم صفحات الانترنت-ش1</span>

    Brief course description
    This course provides the students with important components of HTML5, teaching students how to add images, hyperlinks, lists, video, audio and forms to web pages. Further, this course provides an overview of CSS3 and JavaScript, which facilitate disciplined approach to designing computer programs that enhance the functionality and appearance of Web pages.

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